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When returning to a place you called home you move as if a ghost through the space you once lived. You return from the place you left for; a place you couldn’t belong to either with a fractured identity. You look for pieces of yourself in the landscape and in the memories laid down there, jumping from the present to the past seamlessly with an unease; subtly yet definitively unable to fill those cracks.


This body of work is a non linear, poetic and multi-layered exploration of a place, and how the relationship with space and the experiences associated with it shift after many years of leaving and returning. A body of work beyond nostalgia or criticality and closer to reflection. Leaning heavily on the tale of Tír na nÓg (a tale synonymous with Tallaght, my home), Ireland’s ultimate story of imagination, love and migration. Mirroring the tale of Oisín leaving for Tír na nÓg, the images run in parallel and in conflicting timelines.

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