Aidan is a Dublin born portrait, documentary and fashion photographer / filmmaker. In recent years he has worked predominantly on documentary projects and for international NGO's. In 2015 (after being introduced to the charity Mothers 2 Mothers) Aidan quit a career in Fashion and packed up his life in London to move to Eswatini. It was there that he undertook a life affirming project documenting the changing face of HIV/AIDS in a country with the highest prevalence in the world (27.2% of adults aged 15 to 49). 


His most recent work has seen him cover the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the situation facing female survivors of war and genocide in Rwanda and Iraq, life within Kibera (Africas Largest "slum") and several animal welfare projects. He has worked with The United Nations and a wide ranging selection of NGO’s including, Mothers 2 Mothers, Wild at Heart Foundation, Women for Women, Trócaire & The Free Yezedi Foundation, among many more. Through his work Aidan passionately documents & advocates for social justice and equality for all.


Tel: +353 851566477

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